A home for me!

Finally, after so many fears, tears and months turned to years, a real home is on the horizon.  The journey to this point has been long and arduous.  I found out a few months ago about a different type of loan available to very low income individuals and the paperwork began again.  Once that was completed, the task of locating a property that would be considered suitable by this agency was begun.  I traveled over 1400 miles to look at different properties, was on the computer night and day for weeks, along with a couple close friends who were trying to help me locate a place that I would like to live as well as one which was acceptable for the loan.  There were so many requirements that the odds seemed insurmountable.  And we were working against a time limit as funding for this loan was to run out on September 21st, after which I would have had to wait until February of 2016 and begin the process all over again.

And then, at the last minute, I called the realtor I had been working with about 200 miles away to ask her if I could go ahead and make an offer on a property I had not seen (other than the pictures on the internet).  She drove to the house and called me as she stood on the deck of the home and told me it was peaceful and adorable and let’s go ahead.  The offer was made on Friday, September 18th and accepted by the sellers on Saturday the 19th.  The paperwork for the loan itself went in first thing on Monday, the 21st, the last day for funding. 

So many thank yous to all of you who helped in any way to make this possible!  I am going to attempt to add a few photos here so you can all see what your kindness to me has accomplished!  I will be moving 173 miles from my children, but  there was nothing closer suitable that I could afford.  It is a 3 hour ride on good roads, so I will be able to see them every couple months. 

The house is set to close on November 23rd, but I am hoping to get early entry and at least move boxes down on November 7th, as we can get some snowy or icy weather later in November.  Again, there are no words to thank you all enough!  This month marks 6 years since my youngest daughter and I drove away from our beautiful little farm.  5 years of sleeping on the couches or floor at the homes of others.  I am grateful to you all.  Heart hugs,   Debi – We’re going home….

My new home
My new home
Decks and back porch
Decks and back porch
Dining room and kitchen
Dining room and kitchen
Living room
Living room
Back porch
Back porch
Back yard
Back yard

Paying it forward, it’s not just words

I am a pretty calm person, avoiding confrontations and situations involving angry people.  But today I got angry.  Really angry.  When I got back to my daughter’s house, I did some heavy physical labor, hefting paving stones and pails of rock.  That helped to work it out.  But I still am ashamed of how people treat each other in this world of ours.

I was waiting in a long line in a Dollar General store as there was only one cash register open.  A gentleman told me to go ahead of him, I said he was there before me, but he just waved me ahead.  Sometimes God puts us where we are needed.

A young couple with a baby was ahead of me in line.  I was busy getting out my own card and juggling my couple items while doing it, so part of the exchange escaped me.  But when I looked up, I saw the cashier looking at the couple with a nasty smirk on her face, then she rolled her eyes and tossed their package back behind her into a cart.

It took me a moment to digest the situation and then I asked her if they had been unable to pay for their item.  It was bathroom tissue they were attempting to buy, but didn’t have the money. She said nope, they can’t get it.   They were near the front door by this time, so  I called out to them to wait, and asked the young man to come back.  I asked him how much he needed, and he said $5.27.  So I opened my purse and got out the money, handed him their toilet tissue, and as he said “thank you” I told him that when he was able, to help someone else. He said “yes, I will.”  They left and I turned to face the cashier.

There was so much I wanted to say.  So many things ran through my mind, but I bit my tongue and paid for my things, turning to once again thank the man who had let me go ahead of him.  All I can hope is that actions spoke louder in that store than words.

But I fumed all the way back to my daughter’s home.  How can people be so heartless and mean to others?  We are all in this world together, and there was no reason to not be kind enough to say I’m sorry to them and quietly and politely put the purchase behind the counter.

We would all do well to remember “but for the grace of God go I”.  An accident, a heart attack, job loss, a business closing, almost anyone could end up in the same situation.  I feel like screaming from the rooftops “don’t look down on ANYONE”.  But on second thought, go ahead, look down, and while you are, hand upoffer a hand up.  End of rant.

A Million Thank You’s!!!

This message is for everyone who took part in the market event that my dear friend Mona put together to help raise funds for me to get a home. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, those who brought their wares to make the market bigger and better, those who helped with the raffles, cafe and fish pond. I wish to leave no one out, anyone who bought things, took part in raffles, who gave time, baked things, gave donations for prizes, a helping hand…each one of you is so special, and I wish I could hug each one of you for your kindness and generosity. May you all be blessed for caring! Heart hugs…Debi

Denne meldingen er for alle som tok del i markedet hendelse som min kjære venn Mona satt sammen for å hjelpe heve penger for meg å få et hjem. Takk fra bunnen av mitt hjerte, de som førte varene sine til å gjøre markedet større og bedre, de som hjalp til med raffles, cafe og fiskedam.
Jeg ønsker å la ingen ut, alle som kjøpte ting, tok del i raffles, som gav tid, donasjoner, en hjelpende hånd…hver én av dere er så spesiell, og jeg skulle ønske jeg kunne klem hver én av dere for deres vennlighet og generøsitet. Kan du alle bli velsignet for omtenksom! Hjertet klemmer … Debipinkiehearthugsjl-vi22

International “help me home day”, June 13th

The month of June is, among other things, “rebuild your life” month.   As I write this, a huge event is taking place in Norway to help raise funds for me to get a home.  So many emotions as I sit here in the US on this day –  but as these feelings all rise and ebb, what remains through it all is deepest gratitude – to my dear friend who conceived and engineered this whole event, to her friends and relatives who have spent hour upon hour to help her, to all who donated items, time, their skills.

Five years of sleeping on floors, on couches, clothes carried in the trunk of my car, of infringing on the kindness of others by being in THEIR space all this time – it needs to end.

I am asking anyone who reads here to consider sharing my blogs  – with a link from your page here in word press, on twitter, on facebook.  Any who reads and find it in their hearts and finances to help with even a single dollar, that person will forever be a part of helping this homeless lady to once again have a little place to call home.    Donations can be made through paypal, at 


Bless you for taking the time to read.  reinvent

There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…(clicking heels 3 times)

no-place-like-homeLike Dorothy, many of us have found as we have gone visiting or traveling that, indeed, there is no place like home.  But unlike Dorothy, I do not have ruby slippers or a good witch to help me get home.  

A dear friend of mine who lives in Norway has organized a huge bazaar for this coming Saturday, June 13, to help raise money for me to get a home.  There is no way on God’s earth that I can ever thank her enough for all the many hours she has spent to do this for me – setting up this 30 vendor event, (they keep the money from their sales, but they will draw in the crowds with their wares).  There will be raffles, sales of donated items, a café, and several other events to raise money toward a down payment on a home for me, my daughter and our menagerie.  The effort she has gone to, first to conceive this event, then to plan, send e-mails, get vendors, pick up donations, on and on, my heart is filled with such gratitude.

In conjunction with her efforts, I am writing this to ask if you who read this would consider sharing this blog, or my page on your facebook, twitter, or here on word press.  My paypal  e-mail address for funds toward a home is:  lifeinthelostlane (at sign) yahoo.com Every single dollar is important.  I have nothing to give in return but my deepest appreciation to anyone who shares or finds it in their heart and has the means to donate to help me.

  I am posting two more photos if I can get them to come up, if not I will post them separately.  To help “prove” I am indeed a legitimate person (rather old and badly bunioned, but a real person) I searched through my storage items and found a Dell puzzle magazine from years ago that has my name in it.  Look under “contributors” and I am next to last. (click on the dell page to enlarge).

 Also, I ran a fundraiser 10 years ago for a little boy with cancer (he turned 5 just before he went home with the angels).  Almost $10,000 was raised for his family.  The newspaper article has my name in it in several places.

My sincere thanks and heart hugs to all who consider sharing or making a donation.  With even just $1.00 you can be a part of my dream of “getting home”.   Love and hugs to all

My beloved work for almost 25 years...
My beloved work for almost 25 years…

The “vacation” that never ends…

You are going on vacation to visit relatives in another state.  They want you to stay at their house even though it is very small, so you leave most of your clothes in the car and camp out on their living room floor. Help out in the small kitchen, carry your toiletry bags in and out of the bathroom.  Rather crowded, but you had a good time. 

It’s been a week and while you will miss them, you can hardly wait to get back home – back to your own bed, your bathroom with your things in it, your closet to hang your clothes, drawers in your dresser for your other clothes,  your kitchen and your living room to relax in.  

But wait.  Something has happened.  You cannot go home.  Your home is gone.  No more bedroom of your own, your kitchen is a thing of the past, most of your clothes will have to remain in your car.  And you will sleep on the couch or the living room floor indefinitely.

The never-ending “vacation”. 

It has been over 5 years now that I haven’t been able to “go home.”  95% of those nights were on the floor or couch at one daughter’s home and occasionally another.   One week two years ago at the home of a couple where I was helping to care for the husband who had dementia.  Two nights a week for over 6 months last year on an actual bed at a vacation home of a family who lives a couple hours away – down late at night, carrying in blankets and pillow to sleep on top of the comforter and get up early to carry them back out. A couple nights in the back seat of my car.

Trunk and back seat still packed with clothes, shoes, sweaters and jacket, blankets, pillow, books, some toiletries, bottles of water, a few food items.  For where else is there to put these things of yours?

There is a bit of advantage to having your belongings in your car, however.  Your things are always with you.  Need a screwdriver or scissors?  I have it right here!  Tea bags?  Just a minute, right back here… want a book to read?  Open the back door on the driver’s side and pick one from the stacks on the floor!

One night one of my daughters and I went to help search for a two year old  boy who was lost with his dog somewhere down by the river.  It was 40 degrees that night, and the heavy grass in the fields was soaking wet.  About 2:30 am, we ran up to the local Sheetz that was giving out free coffee to all searchers and our feet were almost frozen and soaked.  Well, I opened my trunk, and there were clean, dry socks for both of us.  Dry sweaters, too! ( The little boy and his dog who curled up right next to him were found shortly after and both were checked out and fine).

I cannot rent as rents are $650 and up.  I only get just under $800 a month on social security, and would be unable to pay any utilities, or get food or gas or any car repairs. 

There has to be a way out of this situation, for my 64 year old bones are having issues with the floor.

I so need a little home….please remember me in your prayers….

sleep on floor copy