Tea for two?

The friendship began January 9th  after we got 7 1/2″ of snow.  I was out trying to shovel a path to the stairs when I noticed a mockingbird in the tree right off the deck watching me.   I went inside to retrieve a cracker to break up and also a  few seeds, although I know their diet usually doesn’t consist of much seed-type food, but it was all I had.  She gratefully came down onto the deck rail and took a few bites of cracker and a couple seeds.  That night I baked an apple pie and took a small piece with crust out to her in the morning.  Much more to her liking.

Since then she has come to hop on the rail several times a day when I am out there.  She does love raisins!  I have a 36″ formed pond between the deck walkway and the house.  One morning when it was frozen, she hopped down from eating her pie to peck at the ice and looked up at me so I would know she couldn’t get a drink.  She flew back up on the rail to watch me as I took a hammer and made a hole, then lay chicken wire and a branch over it so she could safely drink.  As soon as I was finished, she flew back down to quench her thirst.  I was amazed how easily she could communicate her needs to me.

The photos are from this morning.  The past two days she has decided she would like to share my tea and now eats out of my hand.   The trust leaves me humbled.



2 thoughts on “Tea for two?

  1. Yes, she sure is! It is now May 24th and “Birdie” still wants her raisins. Many times I go out on the deck and call her, knocking the box of raisins on the rail and she comes swooping down. And if I go out to do something else outside and don’t notice her, she comes near where I am and sings for her supper. So glad she stayed around. I would surely miss her!


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