This is home

Yesterday marked two months in my new home, and it has been both the best of times and worst of times.  There were lies, I was taken advantage of and many, many things were glossed over.  Much of the past two months since I moved here has been spent with immediate temporary measures which entailed cardboard, duct tape and hot glue.  I do need to formulate a list of repairs and needs according to importance, but have hesitated to do so as there is so much and my income is too small to meet such overwhelming problems.   

The fireplace runs water mixed with black soot each time it rains.  A heavy rain also floods the side yard up under one side of the deck and over half of the front sidewalk.  I placed a thermometer inside the kitchen and bathroom cupboards where the temperature inside those fluctuates between 48 and 51 degrees.  Large openings under the sink cabinet and also the side cabinets in the kitchen appear to open up to the dirt in the crawl space and have now been blocked off with cardboard and duct tape.  The place where I had my desk in the dining room was against the wall next to the bathroom sink cupboard and the temperature there was 51 degrees, so I moved the desk and computer into the living room at least temporarily.   As the heating system was changed here and put into the ceiling, there is no heat under the house and the floors are very cold.  I must keep shoes, boots or heavy slippers on all the time.   The door in the kitchen which goes out to the back porch developed a twenty inch crack that sunlight could be seen through.  I patched that with wood putty and paint.  The next morning, another twenty inch crack opened up on the other side of the same door.  That one has been temporarily covered with white duct tape.  The front door had no weather stripping on the latch side and a steady stream of frigid breeze blew in until I ran to the hardware store and got materials to fix that.  There was only cold water in the shower, so a plumber was called to fix that problem.  The sinks in the kitchen still leak, but as soon as funds are available, the plumber will be back. The kitchen window sill had a crack all the way around it to inside the walls and I had to hot glue foot upon foot of edge it to stop the steady influx of tiny ants. 

I offered full price for this “move in ready” house as well as paid $1000 extra to have a new washer, dryer and refrigerator put in.  I was told at the time that when the offer was accepted that I would be able to choose the appliances.   Instead, two days after the owners agreed to the price, the appliances were already here and hooked up.  They are all “scratch and dent”.  The refrigerator had what appeared to be ketchup stains and also onion skins and shriveled garlic inside.   The washing machine is one of the lowest rated that can be bought and does not work well at all.  Yet, I am now “stuck” with it, as I cannot afford another. 

The inspector I PAID FOR, among myriad things wrong that he did NOT find,  listed this house as having propane heat, so I purchased electric logs for the fireplace to help offset the heating bill.  However, upon moving in, I find it has electric heat and also the logs cannot be used as the fireplace leaks so badly. 

I just found out recently that this house had been empty for quite some time, so the neighbor’s dogs had used this yard instead of their own for a toilet and continue to do so.

Fot all these problems, and others I have forgotten at this moment, I do like the house.  Praying for an early spring as I am tired of being cold all the time.  It does get old wearing two sweaters and heavy socks and shoes inside all the time.

But after 6 long years, I have a bed to sleep in.   I have a kitchen of my own once again to cook in.  I can get up when I wish and take a nap if I so desire. No more trudging up and down to the barn in snow,sleet and rain three times a day to feed my cats.   I no longer have to feel like a burden in someone else’s home.   And these are good things, very good things.  I am not ungrateful for this house, just disappointed there are so many repairs to be made, many of which I cannot do myself. 

Once again, I would like to say thank you to anyone and everyone who helped in any way to make this home for me possible.  And to those who continue to help while I attempt to remedy some of the problems here.

The sun is rising and shining in the dining room window.  What a beautiful sight!  Time to go work on today’s projects.  setting up new home 042


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