Making a house a home…

Finally, after more than 6 years of sleeping at the homes of others, on the floor, my new home will close today.  I am moving 175 miles from my children,  but I so needed a place to call home – to sleep once again in a bed, to hang my clothes instead of having them folded in my car trunk, to have a place to work on crafts, cook my meals and have cupboards and a refrigerator to put my food in.  Things most people take for granted….things I have longed for for years.

I have a nice bed given to me by my oldest daughter and her husband, and also a lovely dining room table and chairs purchased for me by my dear friend in Florida. I am so grateful, as every expense with this house has gone way over estimates and I have no funds to buy anything else for the house. As I will be living on less than $800 a month it won’t be easy to get any more  furniture.  I have no sofa, no ladder, no footstool or end tables, no bookcases or display stands, no desk chair, no trash can,  not even a clock.

My children have cautioned me against finding things on craigslist or yard sales and having strangers deliver things to the house. I only have a small car and will not be able to transport much myself.

I have created a wish list and posted the link here. If anyone would care to help me make my new house a home, I would be ever so grateful.

Yesterday I turned 65.   I would love a lot of birthday wishes in the comments here!

For those who have helped to make this possible, my heart to you. I will never forget your kindness to me.

For those who have the means and care to help with anything on this list, sincere gratitude and a big heart hug.


Also, I have no sofa and will have to get some cleaning supplies and some

My new home

food. If you would like to contribute a bit to those needs, my paypal is —–lifeinthelostlane(at)

Wishing you all a joyous holiday season.



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