Closing day to go by without me…

I just found out today that there will be no closing on the 23rd.  Everything is moving at a snail’s pace, and I was on the phone and e-mailing from 9 this morning until after 3 this afternoon, attempting to push the snail into something like visible movement.

Was asked if the inspector had returned to the property for final inspection. He did that before we moved my things down on the 7th, but it appears he failed to send the new report to rural housing.  So I had to get in touch with my realtor and ask her to contact him and get that emailed immediately to Robin.

The second water report came in today, it passed this time after the well was shocked.  This is a very good thing, as I called the utility company first thing this morning and was told it would cost $1001 for public water meter and cap PLUS the cost of a plumber to run pipe from the house out to the cap.  Now that will not have to be done at this time, although I intend to put a water purifier on the kitchen sink so as to be sure the water is of good quality for cooking and drinking. Now that new report needs to get to Robin.

The next hurdle was finding a NEW closing agent, as the one I had hired to do the closing is undergoing office changes Dec. 1st and will no longer be doing the research and records for closings.  So more calls, and that is now settled.  Had to call Robin back at rural housing to report the changes.

Tomorrow morning I will call the survey company and beg them to finish that and email the report to Robin by Monday or Tuesday next week.  Immediately after that morning call, I need to drive to Valerie’s office and sign the paperwork for the grant to help with down payment and closing costs.  Then those forms need to be emailed right to Robin.  Then back here to send the names, addresses, and titles of all  who are working on this to the new title company.  As well as all my information and that of the property.

The only utility company I have the name for is the company that supplies electric to the property.  I also called them today, to ascertain the amount needed for a deposit to get service in my name.  Because I have had no electric bill in my name in the past year, I will need to pay a deposit of $200 to get service right after closing.  I still have no idea who provides home phone and internet there, although I have asked repeatedly.  As soon as I get these more pressing issues settled, I will try again.

Also had to make calls to medicare and social security today to once again attempt to get “government chosen” medicare programs removed as I cannot afford the things they added.  I sent a registered letter with return receipt attached on November 5th, but the signed card showing someone signed for it has not returned.  The person I spoke with today told me any changes I wish will take 30 to 60 days, and in the meantime they will be removing the funds from my social security check.  I get under $800 a month now.  This is very upsetting news, as I will have the house loan, electric, plus phone and internet to pay with over $100 less a month until they get it straightened out.  I cannot authorize any changes over the phone or online.  It has to be done in a letter.  Since I have not received the card back, I will write once again and send the letter out tomorrow as insurance they will get ONE of them. 

Most of this should have already been done, these were not things on the list given me for me to do.  But it appears no one else is concerned with getting anything emailed back, which I am payisnailpaceng them all to do. Snails are not easy to push, but I am trying.  Hopefully this house can close the first week of December.  I am tired, depressed and half crazy, but press onward…







6 thoughts on “Closing day to go by without me…

  1. The most difficult part of this for me is that the later in the year it is, the more likely the weather may not be conducive to running 185 miles (one way) back and forth to move the animals, computer, rest of my clothes, etc. Also, the house sits with no heat and it appears I am the only one concerned with the pipes freezing. Plus the repairs that were missed by the inspector (especially both sides of the kitchen sink leaking underneath) cannot be done by me or anyone else until after closing. Just some days it seems as though the path is strewn with larger and more numerous boulders than I can navigate. There are several other serious family and friend problems at this time also. Just tired. Its helps a bit to write it out.
    Thank you for stopping by to read, to comment, to care.

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  2. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing my rant. Why is it when we are finally out the other end of what seems to be a never-ending situation, that we can turn around and it doesn’t look quite so bad? But while we are caught in the maelstrom, there seems to be no way out. Thanks for your good wishes for no more hurdles to jump!

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  3. Trying to “go with the flow” and get the stress of this mess under control as for the first time in my life, my blood pressure is not what it should be. Only one thing seriously needs attention at this moment, and that is getting some heat on in that house or the pipes drained. My sincere gratitude for being at the other end of the line each time I think I can’t go through one more thing. You always end up making me laugh, such a good thing! Much love coming back your way….

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