Home or no home, that is the question

It is one week to closing date on the house, but I fear that may not happen.  The water did not pass the testing.  The well was shocked and another testing done, but results are not back yet.  Until we receive a clear water report, I cannot order the property survey.

We loaded the truck and went last Saturday (the 7th) with all my worldly possessions.  My oldest daughter and her husband (he drove the moving truck), their son who is 16,  my son and his lady friend and also my youngest daughter and her friend.  First time to see the house.  The truck was unloaded quickly with all the help and then everyone quickly checked out the house as we had little time to get the truck back and drive part of the 220 miles back, hopefully at least halfway before dark.

It appears the inspector missed many things that were wrong, so as these things were not on the report, and the owners did have the reported problems repaired, there is no recourse for the faulty items left behind other than for me to have them done after closing.

Sinks in the kitchen leak at the drains (both sides), the shut-off valves under the sink spin around and around and are useless.  Deck railings are wobbly and need braces so no one leans against them and falls.  The heating is in the ceiling.  The door to the filter is also in the ceiling, but was painted shut.  I will have to get up on a ladder and feel for the latches and get a screwdriver under them to open it.  The sink and toilet are stained orange.  The deck and yard are covered with old shingles, deck nails, beer bottle caps, etc. from when the roof was replaced. The propane tank is completely empty and no heat can be turned on in the house.  A few more minor things…

The worst was the water.  My oldest daughter, Alyssa and I turned on the water in the tub.  It came out bright orange and after 10 or 15 minutes had not cleared up.  The hot water tank should have been drained and refilled, but that was not on the inspector’s report either.  The inspector assures me that the water was fine and sinks not leaking when he did the inspection.  ??????

I find out the next day that the water did not pass testing. Also, when I asked about the heating, I am NOW told that it is not propane, but electric.  So I still do not know what type of heat the home has as each time I ask I am told something different. 

I understand no house is perfect, especially at what I can afford.  However, I DID expect usable heat and water.  And sink drains that work. 

All my things are now in a house almost 200 miles away, a house I do not know, at this point, that I am even going to be able to buy.  The joy I have waited 6 years to feel at finally having a home, a bed, has been diluted.  I am so worried…..bad-water


2 thoughts on “Home or no home, that is the question

  1. I can hardly believe the inspector did not see that the water was rusty….. I know you wrote this a few days ago and things are moving along a little bit better. Hopefully you will be in your house soon and I hope you can get things fixed that need fixing. If not, I guess I will have to come up there this summer and we can figure it out (haha, I know that is way to long to wait for water, but I hope I can get the chance to come visit)


  2. The inspector being a “friend” of the realtor may not have been in my best interests. But I, too, have a difficult time with the orange water and stains in sink, tub and toilet not being noticed. Also, BOTH kitchen sinks leaking at the drains with water running down into the cupboard is a hard thing to miss, if the inspector even looked. I certainly hope by the time you come to visit, all the problems will have been remedied long before, lol. Thank you for stopping by and reading. heart hugs

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