The “vacation” that never ends…

You are going on vacation to visit relatives in another state.  They want you to stay at their house even though it is very small, so you leave most of your clothes in the car and camp out on their living room floor. Help out in the small kitchen, carry your toiletry bags in and out of the bathroom.  Rather crowded, but you had a good time. 

It’s been a week and while you will miss them, you can hardly wait to get back home – back to your own bed, your bathroom with your things in it, your closet to hang your clothes, drawers in your dresser for your other clothes,  your kitchen and your living room to relax in.  

But wait.  Something has happened.  You cannot go home.  Your home is gone.  No more bedroom of your own, your kitchen is a thing of the past, most of your clothes will have to remain in your car.  And you will sleep on the couch or the living room floor indefinitely.

The never-ending “vacation”. 

It has been over 5 years now that I haven’t been able to “go home.”  95% of those nights were on the floor or couch at one daughter’s home and occasionally another.   One week two years ago at the home of a couple where I was helping to care for the husband who had dementia.  Two nights a week for over 6 months last year on an actual bed at a vacation home of a family who lives a couple hours away – down late at night, carrying in blankets and pillow to sleep on top of the comforter and get up early to carry them back out. A couple nights in the back seat of my car.

Trunk and back seat still packed with clothes, shoes, sweaters and jacket, blankets, pillow, books, some toiletries, bottles of water, a few food items.  For where else is there to put these things of yours?

There is a bit of advantage to having your belongings in your car, however.  Your things are always with you.  Need a screwdriver or scissors?  I have it right here!  Tea bags?  Just a minute, right back here… want a book to read?  Open the back door on the driver’s side and pick one from the stacks on the floor!

One night one of my daughters and I went to help search for a two year old  boy who was lost with his dog somewhere down by the river.  It was 40 degrees that night, and the heavy grass in the fields was soaking wet.  About 2:30 am, we ran up to the local Sheetz that was giving out free coffee to all searchers and our feet were almost frozen and soaked.  Well, I opened my trunk, and there were clean, dry socks for both of us.  Dry sweaters, too! ( The little boy and his dog who curled up right next to him were found shortly after and both were checked out and fine).

I cannot rent as rents are $650 and up.  I only get just under $800 a month on social security, and would be unable to pay any utilities, or get food or gas or any car repairs. 

There has to be a way out of this situation, for my 64 year old bones are having issues with the floor.

I so need a little home….please remember me in your prayers….

sleep on floor copy


4 thoughts on “The “vacation” that never ends…

  1. I hope that this vacation ends very soon…. and that the next vacation you will take, will actually BE a vacation…. Hawaii….cabana boys….. umbrella drinks…. 😉 Until then, keep your faith that this will have an end – a happy end. My event is coming up in just a few days and I am hoping and praying it will make a difference for you…. I will try my very best to raise as much money that I possibly can to help you! Warm hugs 🙂


  2. My heart overflows with your kindness and caring. There are not words to convey my gratitude for what you are doing to help me. And that vacation – with cabana boys and whatever that drink is with floating fruit and an umbrella, sure sounds good! lol

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