This is “my space”

This is a quick drawing of my daughter’s little home.  The front door is behind the sofa, off to the right is the bath, a tiny office and my 16 year old grandson’s bedroom.  The door to the left of  the folding table where my computer sits is to my daughter and her husband’s bedroom and their bathroom.  That’s it, all of the room they have. 

All this winter I have been here with them, as the water was shut off in the vacation home where I would sometimes drive to sleep late at night.  The heat was turned down to 38.  So I have been right here at their home.  The folding table with my computer is where I am most of the time.  Evenings, they watch television – my daughter and her hubby on the couch and my grandson on the love seat. I either am on the computer listening to music or searching realtor for a house the banks would allow me to get, or sitting in my desk chair reading.  At times I will take my book and go sit at the dining table with it.  But as you can see, there is no privacy for them at all.  Or me.

Can you imagine – except for the times you are outside (not long all winter) or once or twice a week out to the store or post office (weather permitting) – that this corner of a room and the spot in front of the television is where you spend most of your waking and sleeping hours?

Once they go to bed, I get my quilt and pillows and blanket from the car and put them on the floor in front of the tv.  One of their cats usually sleeps there with me.

It has been like this most of the time now for 5 years.  They deserve their little home back for themselves.  I so need a bit of space of my own.  My gratitude to them for putting up with this unhappy situation is untold, but when one is homeless with severely limited resources, there are not many choices.



2 thoughts on “This is “my space”

  1. I really, really hope you will get a home of your own soon Debi – for you and for your daughter and her family’s sake – you all deserve your own space….prayers for it to be all right real soon! Hugs 🙂


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