Rough week in the lost lane

A difficult week, to say the least.   Over the weekend, our last chicken from down on the farm passed away.  She was 8 years old and had been showing signs of aging for some time.  For two days I held her in the day, crying my heart out as she could no longer stand or eat or drink.  Nights I wrapped her in a soft blanket in a small dog crate – our other two chickens laying down right next to the bars and crooning to her.  A long and sad vigil.  I miss you, Runaway.

Tuesday while making boiled dinner in a large pot, the ham boiled me.  The photo is of my arm today (Friday).  After freezing it in a pail of ice water for almost two hours and scaring myself silly when my fingers wouldn’t move, the worst of the pain was gone. 

I bought a bag of whole frozen green beans and when I got back to my daughter’s house, most were in the bottom of the grocery bag.  I was going to take them back, but ended up just throwing them out. 

Two days ago I bought a plastic container, got it home and found that the tabs to hold the lid on were already broken.

My computer is Windows Vista, which now appears to be sadly outdated.  I keep getting update notices, but when I try to update I get a message that this system will not support it.  Many things will no longer open or work correctly.  This is not good news.

Little things, the computer mouse battery died and I didn’t have another.  The zipper broke on my jacket.  I washed a sweater and somehow it caught on something and partially unraveled.  It was rather old, but comfortable and I loved it.  The raccoons got into the bags of trash I had wrapped while cleaning up in the barn and spread it all over.  Called another mortgage company to find out if there was any other type of loan available to me to try to get a house.  To no avail.  My youngest daughter is going to have to leave the basement where she is staying soon – she has her horse, our dog and one of our cats and has nowhere to go.  I need a house FAST, but there are none available that the bank will let me have.

Murphy’s law – if it can go wrong, it will go wrong.   Rough week here in the lost lane.

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