Hello world

We often read in the news that the homeless problem in America is being addressed and the number of homeless is down. The homeless they are speaking of are the ones we can see – those on park benches, under bridges, standing with signs along the highways, singing and playing instruments, dancing or just begging for money on the streets, sleeping in cardboard boxes.

But there is another large segment of “homeless” people who are not counted, and are virtually forgotten. They are ones who have an address, although it is one of a friend or relative. The families who stay in someone’s basement, in someone’s shed or outbuilding, have a tent and camp stove in a friend’s back yard, or those who sleep on a living room floor. Yes, they have an address to use, but no home, no rooms of their own.

I am among this second group of “homeless”, forgotten by the government and by the public, those who many do not realize even exist. I carry my books, my clothes and blankets, a bit of food, bottles of water, toiletries and personal items in the trunk and back seat of my car, sleeping on one daughter’s couch, other nights on another’s living room floor, sometimes at a vacation home of friends while they are not using it. This has been my life for almost 5 years. Now at 64 I still have no bedroom of my own, no kitchen of my own, infringing on the lives of good people who are trying to help and knowing it is long past time to give them back their own space.

I have had many blessings during this time, a few very good friends and my wonderful children who have remained with me, helping and encouraging me as I struggle for a way to get a small house and be able to once again have a home to call my own.

This blog is my story, a journal of present days as well as previous times that led to my situation. I hope you will come on this journey with me, take a walk with me through my days, to lend support or ideas to aid me in moving past these difficult days and into a better future. Perhaps some of you have found a way to overcome the obstacles I am facing, or know someone who has. You may have a suggestion or information. Or just a comment “I am here, and I care”.

A warm thank you for stopping by and reading! Welcome to the journal of my days.


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